so long 2015, no hard feelings

If 2015 and I were in an actual relationship, I’d say we were thisclose to breaking up. And I’m not saying that 2015 was the awful year that I never want to look back in the years to come.

It wasn’t that bad, as far as years ago. But it wasn’t the best that could have passed. It was better than 2014, but not really by much.  For one thing, my goals for the year?  Not even close to happening.

Not to mention I’ve posted less than 10 posts this year, which is very disappointing to me because I was expecting to blog more this year.

Writing my book? Only if you count the couple of pages I wrote this year.

Love life was pretty much non-existent, per usual in Michelle’s life.

On the plus side, I did get to hang out with pretty awesome peeps.

Granted, I had a job, a roof over my head and a car to get me places (and I’m happy about that), but I still feel like I didn’t accomplish much this year. It was kind of crappy year, and I sure as hell won’t miss it.

That being said, I’d like to say that 2016 will be better, but honestly, my track record on years and their greatness, is pretty bad. Truthfully, I think 2016 is going to suck even more than 2015.

I figure if I don’t have any great expectations for the year, then it can only be a little better than worse. All I want out of 2016 is to be happy.

This isn’t meant to be a Debbie Downer post, because I really do wish everyone else the best possible year. I’m not knocking the hope others have for a better year and maybe it’s just my frustration that I feel stuck in my own life that makes me feel like that.

So to 2015, I can honestly say good riddance, I’m not going to miss you much.


my momma raised me right…..

That’s all I can really say…….

Not only was she a great lady, a one-of-a-kind, and the best mommy out there….. but she also raised me with a good head on my shoulders.

I was always raised to never judge a person on the color of their skin, how they look, their religious beliefs or sexual orientation. She raised me to judge the person on the inside, how they treat people and what kind of person they are deep down. She raised me to  never judge a book by it’s cover.

So when I read posts on the web that are full of bigotry and just straight up jjudgy people that feel they’re the experts on how people should live their lives (i.e. being gay is a choice and gay people are choosing to live life “wrong”), I want to scream.

And it’s even more upsetting when those bigoted people insist that they’re spreading God’s message. His message is saying anyone who’s gay shouldn’t have the right to live their lives the way they want?

Now, I’m not religious (as in at all), and while I believe there is some higher power out there, I won’t necessarily say it’s God…… But I’d like to believe that if their is a God, I don’t think he’d be okay with people bashing others because they’re different.

These same people are a new generation . . . .  There was a time when people thought it was against the laws of nature to mix races. Oh, wait, there’s still people out there that think that. There’s always something  for them to be against. In 50 years it’ll probably be no interspecies mixing, because aliens will be out and about and we wouldn’t want to have half alien/human babies.

Getting back to my point. I was raised on the belief that all people are allowed to live their lives the way they want and love who they want. Who a person loves has no personal impact on my life. Which is why I don’t understand how hateful a person can be about something that does not concern them.

And telling them  they have a choice and they weren’t born that way? Bullshit. Not everyone is born gay and not everyone is born straight, but I’ve never been under the illusion that it’s a choice.

In high school, I was attracted to girls, but at the end of the day, I preferred men. And even now, I still check out chicks, but I still prefer men. I didn’t choose to date men, I was born that way.

And when I say I was raised right, I was brought up by a woman who when I was in high school and I told her I had a crush on a girl, she didn’t blink an eye. She shrugged her shoulders and said “Good. That means you won’t make me a grandma before you graduate”.

So I kind of went off on a tangent. But I’m in my 30’s, it’s the 21st century and there are people out there who feel they can still tell people they’re living their lives wrong. They worry more about if person’s gay than what’s actually going on in the world.

not impressed . . .

So yes, my awesome momma raised me right. And hopefully, I’m raising my kiddo right, too.





I like watching TV shows.. Truthfully, I like too many TV shows (my list of TV shows I’m still watching is a pretty ridiculous and lengthy list). So of course, I should start watching it immediately.

Right off the bat, the show sucked me in. It has everything I like in TV: paranormal elements  (seriously, I think it would awesome to be psychically linked to 7 other people), great character conflict and some pretty hot guys.


(I would never kick this man out for eating cookies in bed. Never)

But I digress. Hot guys aside, I’m big on TV shows with people that are slightly more special than the average bear that have to hide from the government. Probably because I’ve always wanted to have special powers that didn’t include talking too much and too fast.

Each character in the show is from a different area of the world with completely different backgrounds, jobs and lives. Will is a good cop from Chicago. Riley is a DJ born in Iceland and living in London. LIto is an actor in Mexico who is also very much in the closet. Sun is the daughter of a Korean businessman, pretty smart and likes to kick & take names at night. Capheus is in Nairobi, runs a transportation business with his best friend and he’s just trying to keep his mother alive. Nomi is a rocking female living it up in San Francisco with her girlfriend and trying to avoid her close-minded, bigoted mother, evil doctors, lobotomies and a man called “Mr. Whispers”. Kala is in India and about to marry the man not of her dreams. And then there’s Wolfgang (that very handsome man a few paragraphs up), who’s in Berlin, is a master thief with even bigger daddy issues than I have.

But they all come together and help each other out. At first, it’s not intentional, they all just kind of happen to pop up into each others day to day lives and by the end, they’re all one cohesive unit that show up just when they need each other. (I think it would convenient to have 7 other  people that could pop up to take over my homework assignments).

The amazing thing that I really love about this show is the fact that every character brings something to the table and I kind of love each of them (of the cluster of 8, that is). And there’s no character I really want to hit upside the head or shake sense into in every episode (of course, once again, I’m only talking about the main 8). Unlike, let’s say, Orange is the New Black. I’m looking at you, Piper.

So the fact that it’s renewed for a second season? This is my only reaction:


guardians of the galaxy


Another Marvel masterpiece and I think it’s possibly my favorite comic movie to date. I kind of love it even more than The Avengers, and I really love the Avengers.

But I realllllllyyyy love Guardians of the Galaxy so much more. That’s saying a lot because I really love the Avengers and up until Guardians came out, it was my favorite Marvel movie.

Aside from the stunning graphics, I feel a lot of that love has to do with the casting. Because that casting director was a genius and is in need of a super-duper pay raise.

Chris Pratt = Star-Lord. That’s all I’ll say about that. He is the most awesome of the awesomest (and yes, I know that’s not really a word, but he’s so awesome, he deserves made up words) and I truly have nothing but love for him.

I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did because I was never much of “Guardians” fan (I’m still a die-hard X-Men fan), but the bub’s and I left the movie huge fans.

And of course, dancing baby Groot. He is by far the cutest thing ever:



normal dreams are for normal people . . .

Which I think says a lot about me in general.

I’ve never had a normal dream in my life, they’ve always been weird.

I wouldn’t say it’s a curse or anything, I’ve just never had normal dreams. No, puppies and cute little ponies for this girl.  I never had a princess with a prince on a white pony rescue her from her crappy tower in the hills. I’ve never been privileged with that kind of normalcy. Ever.

Like the other night for instance. I dreamt that I was totally involved with Brody from Homeland. It was a super secret relationship that no one knew about. Most of my dreaming time was spent running around and avoiding people at every turn.

I should point out, I’ve only seen the first two episodes of the show.

Or like last night. I dreamt about the movie “The Mighty Ducks” (which used to be a favorite of mine as a kid for years. Like I was pretty obsessed with it). I was apparently dating the character I was half in love with, Banks. And I was an ice skater. And hockey player. Because those are important to dream me.

Or last week’s dream where a friend was being interrogated for information by a motorcycle gang. This motorcycle club were the Sons, so of course, Jax was in charge (I should point out right now that I’m only on the second episode of the 6th season, so no spoilers, people). Jax insisted the only way to get the info was by cutting of each of my toes. I remember running around with both pinkie toes gone, begging for the rest of them.

I know my dreams are just my subconcious mind trying to tell me things I’m pretending do not exist, but why can’t it just tell me in a nice, normal way? Like a normal person?

Yeah, normal dreams are for normal people. I guess that’s makes me abnormal.


No integrity

Job # 2 (a.k.a, the part time job) and I are not going to part ways on good terms. Well, at least I won’t part ways with one person in particular. Why?

Because he’s a douche. A complete and utter douche. I mean, douche bag of the highest order. He will throw you under the bus, but he obviously can do no wrong. Because he’s so great like that.

But pretty much the opposite.

We shall call him “K”. He started at job #2 just before Thanksgiving and he was hired as the front lead. Basically, he has manager duties without being my actual manager. Oddly enough, he’s a former Marine.

Since he’s worked there, I’ve only had a handful of conversations with him. One, because, I’m not there all the time, thanks to my full time job, and two, because he really does nothing. Literally. You won’t see him for hours because he’s bromancing the new AP guy. When we need his actual help, it’s a total chore for him to do his actual job. And he grumbles about this.

I know, being paid and you have to actually do something to earn it? Pfft, how dare they.

Now up until last Wednesday, I had a spotless record on the job. I messed up, fine. I get it, I know what I did wrong. Tell me about it, we both move on. It’s not going to happen again.

Well, apparently, it was just the last straw with “K” (I honestly don’t know when the first straw happened, maybe because I consider my full time job a priority over job #2?), and he told one of my co-workers (who can’t stand him, but none of us actually like him, not even our manager) with a gleam in his eyes that he was going to write me up because of my mistake.

Which I find extremely funny, because he’s constantly doing things he shouldn’t but it’s okay. It’s completely within his rights to do returns on products we are not allowed to return and give customers their money back for (like software). And its completely legal to change your timesheet and take 3-hour lunches.

Oh, wait. That’s completely illegal and he would get fired on the spot if (and when) he gets caught.

But, of course, my one mistake is so much worse. Thinking I saw the item in the case while a line 10 people long is forming behind the customer I’m doing an exchange for and you walk right by and don’t give a damn…….. Yeah, that’s so much worse.

This leads to my biggest issue with him. His effing integrity. He has none. It’s nonexistent. I honestly don’t even think he understands what it means. And the fact that he was a Marine makes me ashamed he was ever in my military.

The definition of integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Integrity is one of the first things that gets drilled into every service member the minute they enter boot camp. It’s the one lesson I take a lot of pride in. I may not be a perfect person, but I’m big on integrity. Especially if you’re telling the world in the loudest voice ever you were a Marine.

So back to toolbag and his non-existent honesty. A few days after the BS that happened with me, he got into it with our manager because he was trying to do a return on 55″ TV that the customer said was cracked in shipping (strangely enough, this customer was his roommate), which  it wasn’t. My co-workers ended up doing the return, but it was missing screws (we charge if certain items are missing, like screws, remotes, and stands). “K” basically ended up screaming at my co-worker who was checking the TV and insisted that he checked the TV himself and she must have lost it.

Cut to yesterday. They closed out the return on Sunday (when the TV fiasco happened), which means, if we close out the return and deduct money for missing items, you can’t come back a day later with the missing items and get your money back. If you want all your money, bring all your shit. So “K’s” roommate came back as I was getting off work with the missing screws. The roommate throws a hissyfit with our manager equal to my daughter’s when she was 2, while “K” watched with a gleeful smirk on his face.

Okay, the last part had little to do with what happened with me, but I feel our manager is finally realizing what a douchebag he hired and I’m really hoping he’s a keeping a careful eye on “K”. Our manager’s not stupid and he has eyes like a freakin’ hawk (seriously, he can spot me chewing gum from the TV section of the store), and I’m really hoping “K’s” on his radar.

And when everything bites him in the ass, which I know will happen because I am a true believer in dharma.

You can only get away with so much before you’re shadiness finds you and catches up.



my kiddo and social media

She’s discovered Pinterest. I won’t say she’s addicted to it, but she really loves it. She’s taken to it like it’s something she’s used all her life and it’s a complete second nature to her.

I peruse her boards. *side note: I can because I have access to it, plus she added me as a friend. On her own.* Her interests, pins and boards are eerily similar (clothing wise- she’s more into anime than I am) to my own.

My boards:

IMG_2640 IMG_2639



(She’s such a copy cat ;D, but she’s an adorable and awesome copy cat, so of course I’m totally flattered)

Once she found out how to use the messaging, our messages look like this:

IMG_2637 IMG_2636IMG_2641

Because, well, we’re kind of dorky like that. And most of our super important conversations in life involve Doctor Who, Bucky Barnes and TMNT.

I’m worried as to what her tumblr page would look like if she ever gets one….